York Merchandising Systems™ has earned The York Group, Inc. a national reputation for innovation in consumer research and merchandising in the death care industry. The system displays a carefully crafted assortment of closed quarter-sections of caskets, arranged so consumers can easily see a progression of value. The system also focuses on creating a warm comforting environment that helps consumers make a more informed purchasing decision.
Our extensive market research indicates that consumers typically feel intimidated by traditional full-sized casket display rooms. One of the most important benefits is the increased comfort for families, who find the YMS™ system much less distressing than traditional selection rooms. It is a result that goes to the heart of funeral service: helping families deal with one of life’s most painful experiences. The YMS™ display provides a warm, comforting environment that helps consumers feel at ease. All the information they need to make a confident decision is clearly displayed and easy to understand.
Take a look at York Merchandising Systems™, and consider how it can improve the quality of the services you provide to your families and increase value in your business.